The VISION of the San Miguel MetOpera Trust is to achieve international recognition for outstanding young Mexican opera singers congruent with the level of their talent.

1. To make this vision a reality, our MISSION is threefold:

a. MISSION: To identify the very best voices in Mexico;

b. MISSION: To provide those singers opportunities to be heard by the most important decision-makers in the opera world;

c. MISSION: To support those singers in the early phases of building an international career

2. To fulfill this mission, we have established the following STRATEGIES:

a. STRATEGY: To establish and sustain relationships with opera professionals throughout Mexico who can help to identify talent;

b. STRATEGY: To ensure financial support for the Mexico District, MetOpera National Council auditions held annually in San Miguel de Allende;

c. STRATEGY: To prepare the winners of the annual Mexico District MeOpera auditions to go on successfully to the next round, the Gulf Coast Regional Auditions in New Orleans, by providing voice coaching, voice instruction and coaching in stage direction by maestros who work regularly within the standards of the American opera industry.