The Mexico District is unique among the 39 MONC districts in offering its audition winners an intensive coaching and training experience to prepare them to go on to the Gulf Coast Region auditions at peak performance level. Over a period of four days each winning singer receives daily private coaching sessions from an American voice teacher and an American voice coach, as well as sessions with a professional stage director, culminating in a formal recital followed by a wrap-up feedback session the following day.

Prelude to New Orleans sharpens their vocal performance skills, introduces them to the standards of the opera industry in the United States, prepares them to perform confidently on an international stage (in most cases, for the very first time), and provides them with mentorship opportunities that often go far beyond the period of those four days.

The Trust is grateful to a generous anonymous donor in San Miguel de Allende for hosting the 2018 Prelude to New Orleans and to the University of the Americas/Puebla (UDLAP) for opening its state-of-the-art music school facilities to us as 2019 hosts of the Prelude.